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These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between HOLDFAST, registered office, 4 Red House, Dirleton, EH39 5EP, and the Customer (hereinafter called the “Customer”)

1. Definitions

“HOLDFAST” - Hold Fast Elite Ltd “Activity” or “Activities” – means the challenge event “Participant” – means a person who is booked to participate in the challenge by virtue of a Booking “Booking” – means a booking made by you for the challenge “Designated Location” – means the location of the start of the relevant challenge. “Informed Consent Form” – means the acknowledgement of risk and conditions of participant waiver, disclaimer and medical waiver which must be signed by all Participants before taking part in the challenge “Operating Season” means the period November to March “Promotional Offers” means any special offers we may advertise or offer from time to time “Site” – means the site on which the challenge takes place “Terms” – means these terms and conditions as amended by us from time to time. “Website” – means our website.


These Terms apply to any Booking. These Terms constitute an agreement between HOLDFAST and the person who is making the Booking or participating in the Activity (the “Customer/you”) and will apply to any Booking you make (Agreement). Our Terms include important information about our Activity. If you suffer from any pre-existing medical condition you should contact us before booking to ensure it does not preclude you from participating. Failure to do so may mean you cannot take part and no refund would be payable by us. You acknowledge that you have read and have accepted these Terms. Please note, by booking or participating in any of our Activities you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms.


2. When might we have to postpone or amend your booking?

We are committed to ensuring your safety and complying with Health & Safety legislation. This means that there may be times where weather conditions mean some of our Activities are not safe to take part in. If, in our absolute discretion we decide to amend restrictions or delay Activities at any time on the day of the Booking, we will endeavour to post a notice on our website Social Media Pages. In addition, we may also communicate any delays or cancellations to you via e-mail or mobile phone number provided during the booking process. Unfortunately, there may not always be sufficient time for this. If we do this, you can re-schedule your Booking.

3. Event/Course Changes

HOLDFAST reserves the right to change the location, course, or make any other adjustments to the event that we deem necessary to operate the event. Should the course distance or duration change, due to but not limited to, safety, weather, or exercises, refunds will not be offered. HOLDFAST is not responsible for any resulting costs incurred by participants for such events, including but not limited to travel or accommodation costs.

4. Participation Waiver, Disclaimer and Medical Waiver

Every Participant is required to sign a Participation Waiver, Disclaimer and Medical Waiver. If a Participant does not sign these or does not comply with any of the terms set out in the Forms, it may result in the Participant being prohibited from taking part in the challenge.

5. Booking Options, Payments and Guarantee

You must book directly with us online, or straight to bank. We will ask for your credit or debit card details to complete the purchase, and a booking confirmation email will be created and sent to you. Full payment will be taken up front. If within 48hrs you change your mind a full refund will be made. Thereafter a refund cannot be guaranteed, and Terms and Conditions apply.

6. Payment Refunds

For group bookings, no refunds will be given 30 days, or less, before a Challenge booking. For individuals, no refunds will be given 21 days, or less, before a Challenge booking.

7. What is included in the price of Activities?

The price will include competing in the challenge, kit hire, all necessary safety equipment, and prizes.

8. What isn’t included?

The price does not include personal insurance, snacks, lunch, gratuities, and any other items not specifically mentioned as being included.

9. Late Arrival

You are expected to arrive at your specified time to enable registration for the event. If you arrive late HOLDFAST reserve the right to refuse entry, and your booking will be referred to our Terms and Conditions.

10. Photography, Videography and Audio Recordings

During your visit, your image or voice may be captured by either our own devices or other personal devices of spectators. By competing in the challenge, you accept that you may be filmed either for the production of stills or video. These images may be used for promotional and similar purposes. Many of our visitors will also be capturing video and photographs whilst on site. By participating in this event you understand and accept that we are not responsible for the use of any images of you that may be captured in this way.

11. Alcohol and non-prescribed drugs

The consumption and use of alcohol and non-prescribed drugs is strictly prohibited at all times. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person who is considered to be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs. Smoking is not permitted at any time in or around any of our buildings or when our equipment is being used.

12. Insurance

HOLDFAST has appropriate public and employer liability insurance. Personal insurance against injury, theft, loss or any other event is not included, and you must arrange for such cover, if required, to be in place.

13. Losses

HOLDFAST is not responsible for, and accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused to any vehicle belonging to you or any member of your party or to the contents therein when the vehicle is parked on any of our Sites. If you deposit personal possessions, items of clothing or any other property with an employee or a third party on any of our Sites then they do so at their own risk and HOLDFAST will not be responsible for any loss or damage to these items however caused. As you will be participating in physical activity, we can not accept liability for any damage to any items of clothing, footwear etc.

14. Reserved Rights


HOLDFAST may cancel, relocate, or change an event if circumstances beyond our control arise, including cancellations due to weather, war, civil or political unrest, labour strikes, or terrorism. In such circumstances, HOLDFAST will make a reasonable effort to provide written notice of the cancellation. If written notice is not practicable due to the timescales involved, we will use reasonable methods of notice, including email and text messages. You will be given the option to transfer to another event. HOLDFAST will have no responsibility for any costs incurred, including any travel or accommodation costs.

15. Complaints and Disputes

Any disputes or complaints must be brought to the attention of HOLDFAST in writing within fourteen (14) days from the occurrence which gave rise to the complaint / dispute. On receipt HOLDFAST will respond within 14 days in writing/email. HOLDFAST will endeavour to investigate and resolve such a dispute or complaint without involving third parties. In the event of a complaint or dispute not being satisfactorily resolved both HOLDFAST and the Customer hereby agree that the dispute will be settled and determined by arbitration pursuant to the laws of England and Wales under the provision of the Arbitration Act of 1996.

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