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This is an 8 week program of something very different.

This is not online waffle. It is not mindless corporate coaching speak. It is a unique, action, and thought based program, to change the way you think and act when it comes to life.

If you want to try something that will energise, and open your mind to a way of thinking that gives you huge positivity, and the ability to let go of self doubt, then get in touch.

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What does it involve?

You will start with a session to see what makes you tick, and to discuss where you are in life, and more importantly, what you want from it. It will also cover how the program will work.

The next 8 weeks will be a mixture of outdoor sessions on the beach, and in the water. These sessions will strengthen your mindset, reinforce your confidence, enhance your mental and physical health, and become absorbed into your everyday approach to life.

They will be backed up by pre, and post evaluation sessions.

Your fitness level is not an issue, and you do not need to be a swimmer.

This is not an online course. It is an active experience. This is a chance to step into the Hold Fast mantra.

No fuss.

No excuses.

Just get it done, and spread the positivity.

If you are interested...GET IN TOUCH BELOW!


I have really benefited from attending Rob’s course on positivity and mental well

being. It has definitely changed my outlook and thought process about many day to day issues. It has made me realise I am capable of much more and brought my confidence back.

Iona Hamilton

When Rob asked for volunteers for his mindset experiment I was keen to get involved, I’d taken part in a hold fast challenge before and enjoyed it so thought why not!


Over the 8 weeks we have pushed ourselves outside in the cold and wet, Rob provided all the gear needed which was great! I’m not the fittest but I completed all the training with the support and guidance of Rob and my teammates. Some days I didn’t particularly feel like going especially the day we were told no wetsuits but we went on and did it and as usual I felt better for it and proud of myself.


The physical challenges were great but what I found I got out of this the most was the positive thinking, we were always talking positively at the sessions and reminding ourselves of our ‘purpose’. I found I started doing this more in everyday life which has not only benefitted me but also my family. I feel calmer and less stressed and know I can go out and exercise when I want and where I want although I will always prefer working out with others

Tahlia Alderson

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